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12 Moonlighting Episodes That Stretched the Limits of TV

From dreaming with Orson Welles to answering viewer mail.
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The 15 Most Soul-Crushing Episodes of Rick and Morty

The show is frequently devastating, even when it’s about a toilet.

The 10 Best Edgar Allan Poe Adaptations

Mike Flanagan isn’t the only horror auteur to take on Poe.




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    21 Great Halloween Movies for Scaredy-catsSpooky season doesn’t have to involve jump scares.
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    Every Simpsons ‘Treehouse of Horror’ Segment, RankedThe Simpsons’ long-running Halloween specials are indeed a disturbing universe.
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    The 15 Funniest Episodes of Rick and MortyYes, “Pickle Rick” made the list.
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    Every Movie in the Halloween Franchise, RankedFrom John Carpenter’s original Halloween to David Gordon Green’s latest, Halloween Ends.
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    Every Mike Flanagan Project, RankedWith his final Netflix series now streaming, we rank the horror auteur’s atmospheric output.
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    The 13 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Friday the 13th WeekendSilence your cell phones! Taylor’s on the big screen.
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    A Spooky Guide to the Best New Horror Streaming in OctoberMark your calendars.
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    The 25 Greatest ‘Not Dead Yet!’ Scares in Movie HistoryWe rank the movies that made the best use of one of the most overused horror clichés: a presumed-dead villain coming back for one final shock.
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    The 21 Best Witch Movies of All TimeFrom The Craft to The Wizard of Oz to Hocus Pocus.
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    The 22 Best Family Guy Musical NumbersOver 22 seasons, the show’s musical-theater-inspired songs always stand out.
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    25 Great Halloween Sitcom Episodes to Stream During Spooky SeasonIncluding Bob’s Burgers, The Office, Cheers, and WandaVision.
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    10 Essential Swedish Horror FilmsExploring the Scandinavian nation’s great cinematic tradition.
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    All 31 V/H/S Segments, RankedWith V/H/S/85 hitting Shudder, we ranked every entry in the franchise known for incubating horror auteurs.
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    The 12 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendPrepare for scares.
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    Every Stephen King Movie, RankedThere have been more than 40 film adaptations of King’s work — how do they all stack up?
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    The 15 Most Unforgettable Scenes in American Horror Story HistoryThis is not for the weak-stomached.
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    Hail Mary, Very Scary: The 13 Best Catholic Horror MoviesGrab your rosaries, cross yourself, and get to streaming.
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    Every Star Wars TV Show, RankedWith so many shows set in the galaxy far, far away, which ones are worth your time? And which ones will pay off in future stories?
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    Scary Movie Dolls, Ranked by Best-Friend PotentialWhat’s a little murder between friends?
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    Where to Stream the Best of the South Korean Film RenaissanceFrom Oldboy to Past Lives and beyond.
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    Saw Twist Endings, RankedI want to play a game …
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    25 Horror-Comedies That Are Actually FunnyNot to be confused with a comedy about horror subjects or a horror movie with jokes.
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    Dumb Money Never Sleeps: 13 Thrilling Financial FilmsFrom Wall Street to Hustlers, the world of finance is a Hollywood staple.
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    The 30 Most Influential Slasher Movies of All TimeA guide to the horror subgenre with game-changing, rule-breaking, and absolutely terrifying films.
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    The 10 Best Apple Arcade GamesThe subscription service exclusive to Apple devices holds some indie treasures.
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    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 202325 comics who industry insiders predict will be tomorrow’s superstars.
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    The 13 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendCurl up with new Wes Anderson shorts. And maybe an AI apocalypse.
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    Every Drake Music Video, Ranked From Worst to BestInsert “Started From the Bottom” joke here.
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    All 10 Saw Movies, RankedDo you want to play a game? Or read a list about a movie franchise featuring a villain that asks that question?
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    The 17 Best Robot Movies of All TimeEver since the early years of cinema — even before the term “robot” was coined, in fact — the movies have been obsessed with them.
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    The 20 Best Horror-Movie SequelsIn a franchise-friendly genre, which films stand up to the originals?
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    9 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthA new Stephen King book, a biography of a controversial tech titan, Leslie Jones’s memoir, and Matthew McConaughey reading a picture book.
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    Who’s the Hottest Villain in Star Wars History?Which Star Wars baddies are hotter than Mustafar and which might as well be Hoth? We ranked ’em all.
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    Ranking Kim Kardashian’s Actress Era(Keeping Up With) The Kardashians is the best acting school in America.
  35. grumpy old men
    The Expendables, Ranked by How Expendable They AreWho’s the most useful member of cinema’s favorite found family.
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    The 10 Best Steam Deck GamesCatch up on decades of gaming history.
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    Every Studio Ghibli Film, RankedThe animation powerhouse behind some of the best films ever made is back with The Boy and the Heron.
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    The 11 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendPsycho killers welcome.
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    Ranking Jason Statham’s Most-Deranged Character NamesEverything from The Pink Panther’s Yves Gluant to The Italian Job’s Handsome Rob.
  40. jason statham
    The 24 Worst Ways to Be Killed by Jason StathamStatham has a unique ability to maintain his stone-faced demeanor in even the most ridiculous of fatal circumstances.
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    Every American Horror Story Season, Ranked From Worst to BestWith Kim Kardashian about to join the American Horror Story family, let’s look back at the ups and crazy, crazy downs of the past 11 seasons.
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    25 Modern Songs That Sound Like ’90s CountryWe’re in the middle of a full-on revival.
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    The 11 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendVampire-dictator biopic, anyone?
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    The Demons, Dolls, and Dead Guys of The Conjuring–verse, RankedWe judged the Warrens’ supernatural foes by three criteria: Do they slay? Do they fit in thematically? More important, how’s their merch selling?
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    11 Essential Hip-Hop BooksFrom star-studded memoirs to “one of the most engaging examinations rap has ever received.”
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    The 9 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendWe’ll have the French zombies, s’il vous plaît!
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    The Best New Board Games and Tabletop Games of 2023 (So Far)Roll the dice and be rewarded with analog thrills.
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    Pop’s Stops, RankedFrom “in the name of love” to “Hammertime,” few gimmicks are as effective as singing “stop” and then literally stopping.
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    The Conjuring Universe, RankedFrom scary (bad) to scary (good).
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    Every Star Trek Captain, Ranked by CompetencyWho would you want as your boss?
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