Bowen Yang’s Christopher Columbus Discovered Boygenius on SNL

With the writers’ strike over and the Wicked movie wrapped, Bowen Yang is back where he belongs: behind the “Weekend Update” desk for Saturday Night Live’s season premiere. Fresh off of Indigenous Peoples Day, he repurposed his Fran Lebowitz wig to play Christopher Columbus and comment on the debate over what cities should do with their Columbus statues. After telling Michael Che that he’s his second-favorite comedian behind fellow Italian Sebastian Maniscalco, he says he doesn’t really care what comes of the statues since he doesn’t pose like that. But he does tout some of his other “discoveries” in addition to America, which include Hot Ones, Tex-Mex, jazz, and Boygenius. “I, long ago, see three queer girls opening for Taylor Swift and I say, ‘You, you, you, go make sad little gay song, go!’”

Bowen Yang’s Columbus Discovered Boygenius on SNL